July 2011

There are thousands of ways to save money, but there are only a few ways to save a lot of money.  Here, we’ll cover the three biggest ways to save money.  Logically, they are by reducing your three biggest expenses – your home, your car, and your insurance. First, look at your home expenses.  Whether you […]


A Simple Investing Strategy

by on July 30, 2011

Nearly every investor thinks, at one time in their life, that they can beat the market.  Well, experienced investors know better.  While there are many complex and computer-driven investing models that look like they work on historical data, there is no proof that any of these models actually work.  In our opinion, the best investment […]

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Every person that is or has ever planned for retirement asks themselves the question: How much money do I need to retire?  Well, there’s no perfect answer for this question and everyone’s needs are different, so the best way to find the answer you’re looking for is to look at it from many different perspectives […]


It’s All About The Money

by on July 27, 2011

Why not launch our money blog with a quick article about why we are writing about money?  While we know money isn’t everything and that it can’t buy you happiness, it sure comes in a close second.  On the reverse side, look at all of the problems caused by not having money.  Many marriages are […]

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