January 2012

About ten years ago I had to get help with my taxes.  At the time, I had to account for all of the following: employee stock options, employee stock purchase plans, stock gains and losses, itemized deductions, real estate gains and losses, business gains and losses, and my regular salary and bonuses.  I was overwhelmed so […]


The economy is in the dumps.  Unemployment is high, stocks are low, coutries are defaulting on their debt, and people continue to lose faith in governments around the world.  It really seems like nothing can go right in this world, doesn’t it?  Well, if you’ve managed to survive this long, there’s good news.  The good […]


I understand how politics work.  Well, at least I understand how politics don’t work.  But seriously, when you look at how you run your own household budget you should expect your government to run the same type of budget, right?   Okay, maybe your personal budget can’t influence the government, but at least you can vote […]

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