February 2012

While everyone likes to save money, there are some things that many of us do that actually cost us more money in the long run than they save.  Moreover, many of these money mistakes and misperceptions are commited thousands of times per day across the globe.  Here are some of these common money misperceptions and […]


If you’re one of the millions of people that uses a bank account to save money, then you’re actually losing money each month.  That’s because the rate of inflation is actually higher than the yields on savings accounts, CDs and even Treasury bonds.  Here’s what we mean. If you have money invested in a savings […]


I’ve been asked a few times about the differences between forecasting and budgeting, as many people understandably think they are the same thing.  In some cases, they may be close to the same thing, but there are really some nuances between the two that make them distinctly difference.  Here, I’ll try to go over a […]