April 2012

Whoever said that eliminating debt is a process was wrong. Eliminating debt is work and hard work at that. To eliminate it completely and quickly can be even more difficult if you don’t break it down into steps. From a broad view point, the pace at which you follow the steps listed below determines the […]


Some might say that it is unfortunate that labor laws have been created that make it unlawful for any child or young teenager to work in adult-like conditions. Especially for those who lived through the great depression, they have ignited a universal “start making money as soon as possible” attitude since you never know what […]


There comes a time when every person either gets fed up with their job and the idea of having a boss or there comes a time that every person simply wants to move past it and excel in greater positions. In fact, what position is greater than one in which you are the boss? Regardless […]


Whether it’s for Christmas, Graduation, a Honeymoon or any other celebration, giving money just seems like the best way to go. Rarely is a gift received and the recipient ecstatic and happy with the gift. Normally friends, family and other folks either ask for something big that you do not want to spend the money […]

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Like most people, I have several credit cards that I use for different purposes. A Target card that saves 5% on all purchases from Target.  A Costco AMEX card saves at Costco and restaurants.  A Citibank card that I use when they don’t take AMEX.  And, the card I’ve been using for years, the Blue Card from […]


Saving money is quite a simple process but at the same time, it is difficult to follow through. The most common trap that prevents most people from saving is that they think they can just make more money. Of course this is true, but there are no careers that provide the exact income you need at […]


Many people measure their worth based on how much money you have.  Of course, the amount of money you have has no bearing on how much you, as a person, are worth. Even so, sometimes its fun to calculate how much all of your assets are really worth.  And of course, sometimes it’s just painful […]


Nine Things to Do For Free

by on April 12, 2012

There are lots of ways to save money, but in my opinion, finding free things to do is perhaps the most rewarding.  There are lots of free sources of entertainment available if you look for them.  Check out the free local newspapers in your area for a list of upcoming events.  Or, you can probably find […]


How To Make Money Recycling

by on April 6, 2012

5 cents a can or bottle. Not bad if you can get your hands on 2,000 bottles and cans each day. Recycling for your conscious is a great feeling and contribution to the earth. Getting a monetary return on it makes it even greater. It’s certain that there would be a much larger percent of […]