July 2012

It is really hard to not spend money, especially when we are constantly tempted by pretty much everything the second we step outside the comfort of our own home. Then again, even in our homes, the temptations of buying things on the internet lurk every time we sit down at our computers. Living in a […]


How To Set Money Priorities

by on July 23, 2012

Money is a very hard thing to organize and keep track of. Making a budget and being aware of your spending and saving is a great way to ensure that you stay out of debt and have enough money to do the things you want. Sometimes, however, it is hard to decide where to direct […]


Even though we all work so hard and deserve so much more than we get, there are many reasons that not everyone in the world is a billionaire. Maybe you’re a poor college student, or you haven’t hit your big break on Broadway yet, or you’re still paying off loans from medical school and life […]


With student loan debt at an all-time high and the cost of tuition still rising, it seems that no one these days can afford a college education. However, if you do your homework, fill out the applications and do some networking, you might be one of the lucky ones. Consider it a prep course for […]


There are always advantages of doing things yourself, the biggest and most obvious reason being that you are in complete control. When it comes to managing your money, being in charge can have some great advantages. First of all, you know exactly what is happening with your money at all times. You know what is […]


Money Tips For ANY Income

by on July 11, 2012

Maybe you have a lot of— even too much— money. Maybe you have no money at all. Perhaps you are somewhere in between on the money spectrum, making just enough to keep you satisfied. Wherever you fall on the money Goldilocks spectrum, there is always room for improvement of your personal money management skills. The […]


People often start investing money later than they could have, the most common excuse being “I don’t have enough money.” Before you get carried away and forget to start planning, it may be a good idea to actually look at your bank account and decide if it’s time to start investing. If you have a […]


If you’re worried about your soaring debt amount, you need not fret as you can control them and stop them from rising with little dedication and prior planning. Though there are debt reduction agencies that can offer you with professional help and assist you in reducing your debt burden, yet what’s the use in paying […]


Generally speaking, the term “bankruptcy” brings to mind either a loser at Monopoly or an individual admitting failure to manage his or her own money. It doesn’t have to imply a catastrophe or personal carelessness with money. Choosing to file bankruptcy is a conscious decision to repay debts in a manner accepted by both debtor […]


The question can be a balancing act of fees and costs of refinancing versus the savings achieved through a change in interest rate on your debt. It can be a matter of readjusting the length of your mortgage to reflect major changes in household income. In the case of a decline in market interest rates, […]


Why Buying a Vacation Home is Not a Good Investment

July 3, 2012

About five years ago my wife and I bought a vacation home.  It is a nice little house on a beautiful lake in Central Wisconsin.  When we decided to start shopping for a home on this lake, I ran some numbers to figure out if buying a property of this type would be worth it […]

Reverse Mortgages Simplified

July 2, 2012

A reverse mortgage can help retirees who need cash for living expenses and have sufficient home equity. What does that mean? A mortgage is simple, but what is the “reverse” of it? When does it end? Essentially, a reverse mortgage converts home equity into cash. No payments are due as long as you stay in […]