We all know that a savings account is a good idea. The more savings you have put aside for a rainy day, the more comfortable you’ll feel about your future. After all, it’s impossible to predict what happens in your life from one year to the next. A good savings account will ensure that you’re […]


You’ve finally realized the significance of getting your finances in order and have taken great strides to develop a budget that works for you and your family. Things seem to be going well, but at the end of the month, you’ve spent several hundred dollars that you can’t account for? Something’s not adding up and […]


Do you have a loved one that is unable to live independently on their own? If so, you’re likely faced with the grueling decision to place them in a nursing home facility or assisted living center so that they can get around the clock care. But has the thought crossed your mind to have them […]


The beginning of a new year can be liberating for people who struggled financially in the past. Flipping the calendar from 2015 to 2016 encourages everyone to reevaluate their lives. An important part of this renewed look is a review of your finances. Recent economic problems have hit families, couples, and individuals hard, leading to […]


Follow the ABCs of Personal Finance

by on September 19, 2013

Personal finance covers a broad range of topics from the act of making money to budgeting, and onward to saving and debt reduction. Money is an interesting topic because it’s something we all come in contact with on a daily basis; it’s often both the solution and cause of our problems. Those who understand how […]


If you are looking to start a budget spreadsheet, but don’t really know how to get started, then we have a few videos that can help you create your own personal budget. To start, you’ll need to get yourself a spreadsheet program.  We like to use OpenOffice.org as it is free and is almost identical […]

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I’ve been asked a few times about the differences between forecasting and budgeting, as many people understandably think they are the same thing.  In some cases, they may be close to the same thing, but there are really some nuances between the two that make them distinctly difference.  Here, I’ll try to go over a […]


I understand how politics work.  Well, at least I understand how politics don’t work.  But seriously, when you look at how you run your own household budget you should expect your government to run the same type of budget, right?   Okay, maybe your personal budget can’t influence the government, but at least you can vote […]

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With the Holidays rapidly approaching and the economy still in the dumps, there are millions of households that are looking to save a little money this Holiday season.  The most important thing to remember is that the Holidays are all about feelings, and not about money and material things.  Technically, all Holiday spending is unneccessary.  […]


Four Reasons to Budget

by on November 16, 2011

When it comes to managing your money, there are lots of reasons you should create a budget.  Budgeting doesn’t just mean setting aside a specific amount of money for each expense each month, but really means learning, analyzing and improving your finances each month.  The majority of people that think they are budgeting aren’t really […]


The Key to Household Budgeting

October 5, 2011

Many people think that the key to having a healthy household budget is making a lot of money.  They are wrong.  The key to a creating, managing and improving your personal budget is financial discipline.  To have financial discipline, you must be driven, motivated and determined to improve your finances. We all know someone who makes a ton […]

A Free Household Budget Worksheet

August 6, 2011

So you’re ready to start filling out your household budget worksheet?  We’ve created a fairly detailed yet easy to complete free openoffice and excel household budget worksheet to help you get started.  Start by downloading your preferred version and then we’ll go over the instructions.  If you don’t have Microsoft Office you can download a […]

Start Your Household Budget

August 3, 2011

The first thing you need to do before you start your household budget worksheet is to get motivated.  Finding motivation to track expenses, think critically about your spending, and then to put it all into a spreadsheet can be very difficult.  To get over that hump you need to think of something positive to motivate […]

It’s All About The Money

July 27, 2011

Why not launch our money blog with a quick article about why we are writing about money?  While we know money isn’t everything and that it can’t buy you happiness, it sure comes in a close second.  On the reverse side, look at all of the problems caused by not having money.  Many marriages are […]