When it comes to classifying people there are three classes – upper class, middle class and lower class.  To start with, I’ll admit that it is ridiculous to put all of the country and world’s population into these three classifications, but let’s face it, it is done all the time.  The real question I pose in […]


I saw another quote today about how Warrent Buffet is complaining that his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does.  Enough with all the bullcrap Warren!  I am seriously sick about hearing you compain that you don’t pay enough taxes, and that everyone should pay more taxes and entrust their money to the […]


Are unions good or bad for the economy?  As with most economic topics, this question is heavily debated. Ask yourself, what is your opinion about unions?  Most people have their minds made up on whether they are good or bad.  I’m guessing that the people that like unions the most are people that are in a union themself.  […]


Budget deficits are evil right?  At least that’s the common opinion, which I mostly agree with.  However, I read an article today that says that makes an economic argument against that stance (I’ll provide details below). The first thing you should know is what a budget deficit is.  Quite simply, it’s when the government spends more […]


The economy is in the dumps.  Unemployment is high, stocks are low, coutries are defaulting on their debt, and people continue to lose faith in governments around the world.  It really seems like nothing can go right in this world, doesn’t it?  Well, if you’ve managed to survive this long, there’s good news.  The good […]


Yes, that’s right, economists have actually tried to quantify the relationship between money and happiness!  They refer to this field as happiness economics. According to studies from two professors at Princeton University, they have actually come up with a formula that measures the relationship between happiness and money.  Unfortunately, since it’s an economic formula, the […]

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The Truth on Who Pays Taxes

by on November 22, 2011

Have you wondered why there is always a heated debate on who pays the most taxes and if they are paying their fair share? Most people have their mind made up as to the answer they believe.  For some reason, almost everyone believes that they are overpaying for their taxes while everyone who makes more than […]


If you look at the published U.S. inflation rate for 2010 it is 1.5% and for 2011 it is about 3% so far.  While I believe these numbers are accurate for what the inflation measures, I do not believe they represent the inflation rate that average families experience. I was looking at our bank and credit card […]

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