How Kids And Teenagers Can Make Money

by on April 27, 2012

Some might say that it is unfortunate that labor laws have been created that make it unlawful for any child or young teenager to work in adult-like conditions. Especially for those who lived through the great depression, they have ignited a universal “start making money as soon as possible” attitude since you never know what may happen in the future. While the laws have greatly limited anyone younger than 15 to work full time jobs, there has also been an increase in the number of ways kids and teenagers can make money.

How Kids & Teenagers Can Make Money

With all of the economic alterations of the past and the lack of positive insight for improvement in the future, who wouldn’t want to start making and saving money as soon as possible? Kids have the absolute best luck with finding work to do and making the most money while doing it. They know how to simplify a business and focus their passion while having fun. Not to mention, their attention grabbing cuteness is guaranteed to earn them a few extra dollars just to hand someone a cup of lemonade that only cost them .03 cents to make and that tastes too sweet. Learning money making skills at an early age will help them profit even further during their teenage years before they have to really start paying bills and even after. Below you will find a list of the top grossing ways for children to make money.

Money Making Ideas for Teens and KidsLemonade Stand – If you haven’t handed over 5 dollars to a child selling lemonade at the corner of a street, you must not have driven past one yet. Taking advantage of the weather, free time and simplicity of making lemonade can fill up a child’s piggy bank in a day.

Snow Shovel – Another seasonal advantage money making process is to go door to door and ask the homeowners if they would pay to have their driveway shoveled. Another thing to acknowledge is that seasonal money making activities are perfect for combining efforts. If you have two children or a neighbor or a friend, have the kids work together to complete a task.

Pet Sitting – Do your neighbors have dogs that need to be watched over while they are on vacation? It is always beneficial to connect with those around your community and be there when they need someone to watch their pets or even their house while away. Also, it is favorable to determine a price before they take off; as it is expected they will return with less money than they left with.

Rake Leaves – Peoples houses really stand out during the autumn season if their lawn is raked of its leaves. More often than not, when neighbors see that other neighbors are having their yards raked, they will want theirs as well. Set a trend and make money while doing so.

Favors & Errands For The Elderly – Again, being connected with the community means that you know that some people on the block may need extra assistance with daily activities. Without a doubt they would rather ask and pay a kid to help instead of an overcharging adult.

Washing Cars – is not just for high school cheerleaders. Kids of all ages can get together and make money by washing cars. This activity is actually profiting more because people would rather pay less and have an “okay” car wash than pay a lot for a professional car wash. After all, it’s just going to get dirty again anyway.

Dog Walking – The greatness of dog walking is that in addition to both the dog and child getting some exercise, the child also gets money.

Bake Sale – Everyone loves home baked cookies and cupcakes. Like a lemonade stand, these can also be sold to any passerby. Although, some profit may be missed out from too many taste testing’s.

Lawn Mowing – With gas prices on the rise, people would rather pay someone else to mow their lawn then go and see the price their paying for gas and waste time doing it themselves. If you can combat the rising gas prices, you can profit very well from starting a lawn mowing business in your local area.

Farm Help – For some families who live far out from town, the number of sales that can be made from lemonade stands and bake sales are low to none. This is when you can offer to work at other farms around you by taking care of the farm animals or doing other small tasks for a fee.

Door to Door – A kid going door to door can sell almost anything. One week a child can show up selling candy bars and the next selling hand crafted bracelets supporting the fight for breast cancer. Crafts and foods of all sorts can be made profitable with a single ring of the doorbell or knock on a door.

Cleaning – In the past, it was the garage that was remained unclean and people would be ecstatic if someone offered to clean it for them for a decent price. Now “cleaning” has been put on the backburner for most since they are busy working to make their own money. This is a perfect opportunity to earn money from dusting, sweeping and doing some organizing not just in the garage but in the house as well.

Saleschildren – With the marketplace vast and open to all, it now consists of salesmen, saleswomen, and saleschildren. Children can sell all sorts of items at school from pencils to the latest trend of crafts made out of paper. They can use their hobbies and craft making abilities to create bracelets, necklaces and all sorts of art creations. They can sell their old toys and other items at a garage sale. With some help from a parent, a child can learn to sell bigger items on eBay. Simple solid selling is the best skill that children can learn for when they are older and the best way to make money when they are younger.

Vending Machines – One of the best businesses for children to have is a vending machine business since all it requires is asking places if they can put a vending machine in that location and to stock the machine. With the help of a parent, the process can take a day every few weeks to maintain.

Like Parent, Like Child – Since most of a child’s money that they will have is typically given from family members and parents, why not have them work for it? A child can make some cash by joining and helping their parents with anything from commons chores to helping with some of their own work assignments.

Gardening – Kids can help plant and water gardens to help grow vegetation and plants. They may even profit by getting a share of what they grow.

CD’s & Bonds – Sometimes it is not about making money but doubling it. By investing money made while a child in a CD or a Bond, by the time they are older and really need the money it could have doubled or even tripled.

Saving Money Deal – With a parent wanting to spend less and a kid wanting to make money, a deal can often be arranged. If the child can lower the electricity, phone and other bills they can receive part of the savings.

By using these money making methods for children, paying for college just got a lot easier. Although, by having a child start making money at an early age, they also need to be helped in learning the value and responsibility that money entails. Learning how to manage money is not only for adults, it is for children too. By being able to make money at a young age, they need to understand how to save it which can be done by opening a savings account and putting half the profits or more into it. They can also be held to the expectation of donating 10% of their earnings for those in need. The most important lesson though, is compound interest. Everything in life, including money can be made invaluable if compounded day after day. By consistently working, consistently learning, consistently saving and consistently giving, a child will no doubt be even more successful later in life.

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Thompson2 April 30, 2012 at 6:57 pm

With Summer time coming up these are some great ideas for my kids. I really don’t see any of the lemonade stands these days like I seen just a decade ago. weird …


Maya July 8, 2013 at 11:20 am

I have never seen a kid selling lemonade. I have sow many US films where kids were selling lemonades but I always thought that was fake and made only for TV. I would love to see such think in my country 🙂 Our kind make money mostly helping around the house, picking grapes, cherries etc,..
Maya recently posted..Introduction to Binary Options Markets FundamentalsMy Profile


Amy Turner May 15, 2012 at 7:00 am

I would love to start the kids with the household chores before going out to the neighborhood. Watching and playing with the toddler, with the added incentive of, say, a dollar will greatly enhance the energy of a 7 year old. She then drops the hard earned money to her piggy bank, that way, the value of saving is instilled early on.
Amy Turner recently posted..Summer Opportunities for StudentsMy Profile


TLBH May 23, 2012 at 9:16 am

I wanted to start a whiskey stand when I was a kid. Mom wouldn’t let me. I was very sarcastic, haha. I think I settled for selling my unused halloween candy to my brothers and sister (who ate through theirs in a few days). That was my november through january business.


Fren September 6, 2012 at 2:37 am

Children need to learn the value of money and earing it is the best way. Also they’ll get more satisfaction out of what they buy with their own money. Not to mention the fun from actually doing whatever it they choose to make money.

Be careful though about letting kids go knocking on doors selling stuff or ofering to do odd jobs. They should go in pairs – and not go into the house at all when selling. When offering to do odd jobs they should have a check-back system set up with their parents so that the person giving the work and the parents are in contact. A simple mobile phone call from the kid at the time a job is agreed could set this safety net.


Mesmond June 27, 2013 at 2:26 am

Thank you for an informative post which, in my view, can help not only children as it gives ideas for possible ‘jobs’ one can do “on the side”.


michealsmith0210 February 10, 2014 at 9:46 pm

Its a good investment to have a lawn mower because it will make a your lawn neat and uniform. It will exercise your body to be fit when you stroll over the lawn mower, and if you have a neighbours who don’t have a lawn mower you can rent to them for an income.


Richard Thopmson from Engine Repair Utah March 19, 2014 at 3:09 pm

I remember it was always so hard to make money as a kid. I couldn’t even pull the lawn mowing business because we always lived in apartments. I do believe that the best way to teach kids about money is by having it earn it themselves however. Harder still, however, is teaching them that saving can be the hardest/most rewarding thing to do with your money.


John May 31, 2014 at 7:38 pm

Great advice,

Personally I think gardening and dog walking are the best ways for kids and teens to make money. The elderly always need help with simple outdoor tasks such as weeding as they get older.

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