For far too many people, investing is nothing but a locked black box of mystery and confusion. They believe that successful investors are either lucky, brilliant, sorcerers, or criminals. There is a disturbing amount of truth in all those claims. But there is also a lot of misinformation nested there, too. Investing is an art […]


If you are just starting out as an investor, making large short-term profits can be enticing. While active trading can be an effective way to make money, it requires considerable time, knowledge, and financial resources. Long-term investing may not necessarily be a more profitable option, but it is generally less risky and can provide a […]


Let’s start with a basic fact; trading online is hugely popular. One of the most popular choices for traders is the forex markets. In fact, its liquid and profitable nature has created an entity that dominates the financial marketplace, creating huge opportunities for traders armed with knowledge and a healthy appetite for risk. While the […]


The Essentials of CFDs

by on October 26, 2016

A Contract For Difference (CFD) is an Over The Counter (OTC) contract between two parties, where one party pays the other party an amount determined by the difference between the opening and closing price on the contract. The price at which a particular CFD contract is traded, and the price at which it is valued, […]


Being employed as a stock research analyst taught me a thing or two about what it takes to find a good stock to invest in.  It taught me that while many companies’ stocks look cheap or attractive on paper, they are usually cheap for a reason.  If you’re willing to research the company of the stock you want to invest in before […]


People often start investing money later than they could have, the most common excuse being “I don’t have enough money.” Before you get carried away and forget to start planning, it may be a good idea to actually look at your bank account and decide if it’s time to start investing. If you have a […]


About five years ago my wife and I bought a vacation home.  It is a nice little house on a beautiful lake in Central Wisconsin.  When we decided to start shopping for a home on this lake, I ran some numbers to figure out if buying a property of this type would be worth it […]


Every parent worries about how their kids will manage money regardless of socioeconomic status; no one wants their child to be broke or reckless with their money. Instilling good fiscal habits in your children starts when they are young, so really it is never too early to start teaching your kids how to invest their […]


It is important to manage your money wisely; you want to be putting away for retirement, saving for your kids to go to college, while simultaneously making sure that you pay your taxes and insurance and all the other bills you accumulate. This is often too much for the average person to keep track of, […]


Starting to invest early (when you’re a college student) definitely has plenty of benefits. The power of time and compound interest will be on your side. Investments with slow growth and low risk have time to mature and if the risks you take in your portfolio fail, you have time to recover and bounce back. However, regardless […]


Why and How to Lower Your Investment Management Fees

June 12, 2012

Would you agree with the statement that “the average actively managed fund does not beat the market”?  If so, then this advice on how to lower your investment fees will especially apply to you. First of all, let me start by saying that, on average, actively managed mutual funds do not outperform the market indexes […]

Is Gold a Worthy Investment?

September 29, 2011

The business news channels are constantly talking about gold, and commercials on nearly every channel are telling you to buy gold now.  Gold sounds exciting right!?  I mean, it’s gold!  But have you ever really thought about buying some?  More importantly, should you buy some?  We’ll take a brief look at some historical gold data and […]

Are Savings Bonds Worth It?

September 7, 2011

18 years ago I started buying EE saving bonds for my nephew.  Back then, there was no online trading and buying stocks for someone else seemed impossible, so it seemed like the logical choice.  A few years before that, I had cashed in the savings bonds that my parents bought me to pay for college.  […]

Ways to Invest Your Money

August 30, 2011

So you’ve saved some money and are looking for ways to invest it.  There are SO many options available.  And although its overwhelming to cover them all, here is a summary of the most common ways to invest.  Here, we’ll go over the brief pros and cons of each investment, starting with the least risky […]

Penny Stocks – A Good Investment?

August 26, 2011

Are penny stocks a good investment?  I’m sure you’ve seen numerous emails, articles and advertisements promising to get rich by buying penny stocks.  Well, let’s look at the attributes of penny stocks and then decide if it is worthy of inclusion into your investment portfolio. Low price.  By definition, penny stocks are priced below one […]

Save a Million Dollars

August 24, 2011

A million dollars isn’t as much as it used to be, but it is a number that most people get excited about when it comes to saving and investing.  The easiest way to save a million dollars is to save as much money as you can every month.  The second best way is to invest […]

Borrowing to Invest

August 16, 2011

Alright, let’s be honest.  Have you ever borrowed money to invest?  All the investing rules say not to, but hey, isn’t that what buying investment property is effectively doing?  Although we’ve been told that it’s okay to borrow for real estate because prices only go up and are more stable, I’m not so sure that […]

The Basic Financial Concepts

August 14, 2011

In our opinion, there are three basic financial concepts that are the most important financial concepts to apply to your investing and saving methodology.  Understanding these concepts and applying them to your savings and investments can greatly increase your long-term investment returns.  Understanding them will also help you understand why it is important to maximize […]

Should You Hire an Investment Advisor?

August 9, 2011

People often ask me whether or not they should hire a financial advisor to help plan for retirement and invest their assets.  I almost always say no.  It’s not that there aren’t a lot of well qualified and worthy investment advisors, it’s really that it’s not that hard to do yourself. Unless you have millions to invest […]

Watch Your Savings Grow

August 1, 2011

Need motivation to save and invest?  Here are some charts that can help you find that motivation. Do you put money into your savings / investment account every month?  Good for you!  Do you ever wonder if it’s worth it?  After all, month by month it doesn’t seem to make much difference right?  Well, you’re wrong!  It […]

A Simple Investing Strategy

July 30, 2011

Nearly every investor thinks, at one time in their life, that they can beat the market.  Well, experienced investors know better.  While there are many complex and computer-driven investing models that look like they work on historical data, there is no proof that any of these models actually work.  In our opinion, the best investment […]