Managing Money

Having a wedding is not something that you can decide on today and have it done by tomorrow. There is a lot of planning that needs to be done and part of the planning process includes financial planning. In fact, financial planning when you want to have a wedding is one of the biggest things […]


We live in uncertain economic times, far removed from the halcyon days so enjoyed by the boomer generation. The global population keeps rising, humanity faces numerous challenges, and entire industries are besieged by the march of technology (even as it brings fresh industries into existence). What’s more, the gig economy — while good for some […]


Planning ahead for your taxes is important. Those that do not make any sort of plans for their taxes will find themselves suddenly faced with the burden of preparing their tax returns. They will also have to face budgeting issues when they find out how much they actually owe in taxes. It is important to […]


For some people, tax season is like hitting a mini lottery; they enjoy a substantial return that they use to pay off debt, buy home furnishings or even plan a vacation. However, for most people, it comes with an enormous amount of stress and uncertainty. With the ever-changing tax laws and deductions from one year […]


Mobile phones have come a long way in recent years. Incredibly detailed touchscreens, a host of downloadable applications and 4G wireless connectivity are a few advancements which have served to define the industry. Still, not all of us can afford cutting-edge models such as the new iPhone expected to be unveiled in September. Those who […]


Finding the right financing deal is essential to the survival and growth of your business. However, this is not easy to achieve if you have a poor business credit score. Your business credit score can have a significant impact on your ability to secure a favorable business loan. If you want to get the best […]


Contrary to popular belief this is not something that started with the coming of the space age. Money has always had an abstract value. The value for which you get when you use paper money or coins is an implied value. This means that the object that you are using as currency is in itself […]


When you are budgeting for four years to be spent on a college campus, it can be easy and quite tempting to believe that your costs will be limited to only those line item expenses such as tuition, books, fees, and room and board. That just isn’t the case, though. Many students and parents will […]


The beginning of a new year can be liberating for people who struggled financially in the past. Flipping the calendar from 2015 to 2016 encourages everyone to reevaluate their lives. An important part of this renewed look is a review of your finances. Recent economic problems have hit families, couples, and individuals hard, leading to […]


As consumers, we think much more about comparing products rather than comparing methods of payment. Cash, debit cards and credit cards are seen as interchangeable when stopping for gas or buying food. This assumption is common among most consumers because retailers have made buying with cash or card incredibly easy. For example, we can swipe […]


Think Twice Before You Buy a Sears Home Warranty

October 31, 2014

Our appliances started malfunctioning early this year.  Our microwave stopped working, the fridge water line was leaking, our clothes dryer wasn’t working properly, and the pump in our standalone icemaker stopped working.  Indeed, we had a lot of issues with our appliances and the affected products spanned 3 different brands of products (GE Café, Kenmore and […]

How To Buy A Used Car: Motivation, Research & Financing

October 18, 2014

Looking for a new set of wheels? Buying brand-new can be a punch in the pocketbook, since a car depreciates around ten percent as soon as you drive it off the lot and about a quarter of its original value after two years. However, used cars worry some wary customers. Is the previous owner knowledgeable […]

The Art of Online Shopping: Diligence, Service Life & The Three R’s

June 13, 2014

A frugal lifestyle isn’t just about trying to cut corners to save a few dollars. It’s a complete rewiring of your mindset when it comes to consumerism. The big things to strive for when adopting a frugal lifestyle include: Using diligence to research with the companies you buy from Understanding the lifetime value of a […]

Stop Worrying About Taxes and Get the Help You Need

May 5, 2014

Each year, you may file your tax return with confidence. As an honest person, you may do everything possible to ensure the accuracy of your return. This reduces the likelihood of an issue with the federal or state government. But even if you believe that you’ve done everything correctly, issues can arise. If you work […]

Apps To Help You Manage Finances

February 3, 2014

With mobile apps for everything from games, to ghostbusting, to watermelon ripeness testing, anyone with a smartphone can do anything with it. Managing finances used to mean sitting at a desk in a home office surrounded by filing cabinets. Now the tech-savvy (and the rest of us) can manage financial matters anywhere and access financial […]

Three Things You Need When Buying a House

October 10, 2013

If you’re buying a house, furniture and decorations may top your list of things to pick up from the store. But although these items are important in creating a nice cozy feel, these aren’t the only things to worry about when purchasing a new place. Important actions must be made to ensure that you are financially […]

Follow the ABCs of Personal Finance

September 19, 2013

Personal finance covers a broad range of topics from the act of making money to budgeting, and onward to saving and debt reduction. Money is an interesting topic because it’s something we all come in contact with on a daily basis; it’s often both the solution and cause of our problems. Those who understand how […]

6 Need to Knows Before You Close on Your Home

September 17, 2013

You think you’ve found the house of your dreams! It’s an incredible feeling, but it will wear off the day you move in. That’s when you notice that the paint is chipping from the outside, there is a crack in the foundation of the back yard, or your insurance rate was higher than expected. Those […]

It’s Time to Prepare for Next Year’s Taxes

July 29, 2013

It’s true that the years is only half over and you only filed taxes a few months ago.  But believe it or not, it’s already time to start planning and preparing for next year’s tax preparations.  The biggest mistake that most people make is waiting until the year is over to start their tax preparations.  By doing […]

Financial Advice You Can Get For Free

July 26, 2013

Because there are so many people trying to give you advice. And because every situation is different.  And because rules of thumb do not apply to everyone equally. The best way to get financial advice is to do it yourself.  Make your own decisions.  You don’t have to rely on a financial advisor to improve […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Be Rich?

July 23, 2013

Yesterday I read an article on CNBC’s website that spelled out exactly how much money it takes to be rich. Before I share how much money they think it takes to be rich, take a minute and think about what it would take to make you feel rich. For my kids, it would probably be […]

Are Frequent Flier Miles and Credit Card Rewards Valuable?

June 27, 2013

You have likely seen TV and online ads from credit card companies touting their rewards programs. These ads highlight frequent flier miles, cash back on specific purchases and rewards for consumers who spend considerable amounts of money. A rewards card seems attractive on first blush as many people use their credit cards for big-ticket purchases […]

Easing Kids into Money Management

June 4, 2013

Kids learn their behaviors by observing adults and learning lessons from their parents. As a parent, you should not rely on school or media to teach your kids about money management. School districts are focused on test areas like reading and science rather than a practical skill like handling finances. Media examples through television, the […]

How to Break Bad Spending Habits

May 13, 2013

A common problem for every consumer is figuring out how to break bad habits. We all make purchases that empty our wallets and make us scratch our heads down the road. The biggest issue with resolving bad spending habits is the all-or-nothing approach often given in advice columns. You need not live like a hermit […]

Getting Financial Help Through Bankruptcy

April 25, 2013

Financial help is something almost every person needs once or twice in their lifetime.  If you’re lucky, the type of help you’ll need will be finding money to finish college or a family loan to help you buy your first home.  Unfortunately, for many people, financial woes get much worse, often ending in bankruptcy. While […]

Customer Loyalty Cards: Are you really getting what you think you’re getting?

March 4, 2013

How many loyalty cards do you carry? What motivates you to sign up for these programs? According to a 2004 poll conducted by Boston University’s College of Communication, 86 percent of American shoppers use some form of store card or discount card. Grocers and retailers offer cash back, rewards points, special offers and other bonuses. […]

Know Before You Borrow: Using Student Loans Responsibly

February 13, 2013

What’s the most important part of college prep? Standardized tests like the ACT, the SAT, or Advanced Placement are key. So is learning to do your own laundry. But the most important in the long-term:  a student heading to college must consider the financial implications of doing so. Few Americans can afford to pay for […]

How to Stop Worrying About Money

January 25, 2013

Most Americans worry about money: rising costs, stagnant wages, increasing debt, having enough to retire, banks going broke and staggering medical bills are the nightmares that keep us awake at night. How can you keep the shadow of money worry away? Make a Plan It’s nearly impossible to stop worrying about the unknown. While you […]

Keeping Up with the Joneses and Their Electronics

January 3, 2013

The Cost of Constantly Upgrading Technology is constantly evolving and improving. New products become obsolete in a year or less as the latest, best version is released with great media hype. Carrying around the newest gadget may make you the center of attention, but what’s the cost of staying on top of the technology? How […]

How Couples Manage Money Differently Than Singles

December 9, 2012

When it comes to finances, does one plus one make just two, or does the joining of accounts, debts and financial education add or subtract value beyond the individual components? Do you merge all the assets and liabilities and share responsibilities? What if you and your partner don’t see eye to eye on spending habits? […]