Managing Money

How Stores Use Your Senses to Make You Spend More Than You Intended

November 27, 2012

Can you stick strictly to a list when you shop? Why do you always end up buying more at the grocery store because you had to walk to the back for the gallon of milk you needed? What about those tiny bottles of hand sanitizer and lip balm at the checkout counter? If you never […]

How To Spot And Stop Money Waste

November 15, 2012

Cutting the waste from a budget is no easy task. No one sets out to waste money, and it often escapes accounting after the fact as well. Here’s a quick guide to spotting the ways your money sneaks away from you and how to hold onto more of it. If you’re forgetful, you might be […]

Get The Debt Snowball Rolling

November 10, 2012

The term “debt snowball” could describe how debt builds up; a little bit becomes a little more and soon it’s rolling downhill, out of control and growing as it goes. However, it actually refers to a debt repayment strategy championed by financial guru Dave Ramsey. This method focuses on paying off the debts with the […]

The Number Worth Thousands (and it’s not the lottery)

October 30, 2012

There is a magic number that can mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket. It tells strangers something about you, but it’s not your income, your monthly spending, or your date of birth. It’s your credit score. It tells credit card companies, car dealers and bankers whether or not to loan you money and […]

Should You Loan Money to Family or Friends?

October 22, 2012

Taking “Personal Loans” to a New Level:  Should You Loan Money to Family or Friends? Money is tight all over, and maybe you know someone in a financial pinch. Perhaps he or she has been turned down already for a loan or line of credit and –wisely- want to avoid the high interest fees of […]

Reasons You Need To Switch Banks

October 15, 2012

Do you pay for every little extra from your bank? Hate your bank’s customer service (or lack of)? Pay for basic services? All are reasons to change banks, and you’re not the only one considering such a move. According to a March 2012 report by Javelin Strategy & Research, 11% of consumers want to change […]

6 Ways To Teach Kids About Money

September 24, 2012

Here are some useful tips that you can use to help teach your kids about money.  The key is to get started early and to relate finances to every day life.  Here is our list… 1. Introduce them to the concept of money as soon as they can count. Children who grasp the concept of […]

Five More Habits of the Wealthy

September 14, 2012

Hopefully, you’ve read our original article on habits of the wealthy.  Here are five more things that wealthy people do.  Do people do these because they are wealthy, or are they wealthy because they do these?  It’s probably some of both but these are some tips that can help you manage your money better no […]

Habits Of The Wealthy

September 13, 2012

While some of the wealthy in the world were born into it, most people become rich by following frugal habits and applying sound financial decisions when managing their money.  Here are some of the habits of the wealthy.  It makes sense to incorporate these into your everyday life if possible. Live Below Your Means At […]

Why You Should Put Your Trust In A Financial Advisor

August 19, 2012

A certain quote from the hilarious Tina Fey movie ‘Baby Mama’ is perhaps the best way to describe to you the biggest reason you should consider putting your trust in a financial advisor. But first, some back-story; The basic plot of ‘Baby Mama’ focuses around a woman who is unable to become pregnant, and after […]

How to Avoid Renting Mistakes

August 13, 2012

The world of renting is die-hard and cutthroat. Ok, maybe not, but it certainly can be harrowing and stressful, especially if you need to find a place to live quickly. When you are searching for an apartment, there are some crucially important things that you must make sure you do—and some that you don’t—to ensure […]

How To Set Money Priorities

July 23, 2012

Money is a very hard thing to organize and keep track of. Making a budget and being aware of your spending and saving is a great way to ensure that you stay out of debt and have enough money to do the things you want. Sometimes, however, it is hard to decide where to direct […]

Tips To Managing Money With A Low Income

July 19, 2012

Even though we all work so hard and deserve so much more than we get, there are many reasons that not everyone in the world is a billionaire. Maybe you’re a poor college student, or you haven’t hit your big break on Broadway yet, or you’re still paying off loans from medical school and life […]

The Advantages of Managing Your Own Money

July 13, 2012

There are always advantages of doing things yourself, the biggest and most obvious reason being that you are in complete control. When it comes to managing your money, being in charge can have some great advantages. First of all, you know exactly what is happening with your money at all times. You know what is […]

Money Tips For ANY Income

July 11, 2012

Maybe you have a lot of— even too much— money. Maybe you have no money at all. Perhaps you are somewhere in between on the money spectrum, making just enough to keep you satisfied. Wherever you fall on the money Goldilocks spectrum, there is always room for improvement of your personal money management skills. The […]

Why Buying a Vacation Home is Not a Good Investment

July 3, 2012

About five years ago my wife and I bought a vacation home.  It is a nice little house on a beautiful lake in Central Wisconsin.  When we decided to start shopping for a home on this lake, I ran some numbers to figure out if buying a property of this type would be worth it […]

Managing Money In College

June 28, 2012

Starting college can be daunting. For most it is the first time that they are away from their parents and subsequently have to begin to take care of themselves. Managing money can be a very difficult part of college life because it is something that a lot of people have not had a lot of […]

Teaching Your Kids To Invest In Value: The Hard Way

June 21, 2012

Every parent worries about how their kids will manage money regardless of socioeconomic status; no one wants their child to be broke or reckless with their money. Instilling good fiscal habits in your children starts when they are young, so really it is never too early to start teaching your kids how to invest their […]

What Do Financial Advisors Really Do?

June 20, 2012

It is important to manage your money wisely; you want to be putting away for retirement, saving for your kids to go to college, while simultaneously making sure that you pay your taxes and insurance and all the other bills you accumulate. This is often too much for the average person to keep track of, […]

The Most Simple Way To Manage Your Money

June 19, 2012

There are billions of tips and pieces of advice on how to manage your money and countless ways to save pennies and dollars with sales, coupons, etc. While that advice is sound, it could also lead to a full time job that many people simply do not have the time for. Aside from that, it […]

How To Save Big On Taxes

June 13, 2012

What time of year causes headaches, stress and frustration for millions of Americans every year? Tax time. Tax time causes more stress than demanding in-laws and drunken cousins at holiday parties. Fortunately, the tax code works for you in many ways, some complicated and some obscure. Here’s a start to demystifying deductions and getting the […]

Why Property Taxes Matter When Buying a Home

June 11, 2012

I remember buying my first house.  I didn’t even consider the property taxes when I wrote the offer.  I assumed that they are what they are, and I can’t change that.  What I didn’t take into account, is the long term impact of paying property taxes.  In this post, I’d like to talk about why […]

Choosing Which Loans to Pay Off First

May 18, 2012

Sometimes the hardest part about debt is figuring out which loans to pay off first.  The best way to deal with this issue is to learn and follow a few simple rules.  These rules help you prioritize your debt based on a few different factors. To start, make a list of all of your loans […]

The Art Of Giving: Creative Ways To Give Money As Gifts

April 25, 2012

Whether it’s for Christmas, Graduation, a Honeymoon or any other celebration, giving money just seems like the best way to go. Rarely is a gift received and the recipient ecstatic and happy with the gift. Normally friends, family and other folks either ask for something big that you do not want to spend the money […]

How Much Are You Worth, I Mean Financially Of Course?

April 17, 2012

Many people measure their worth based on how much money you have.  Of course, the amount of money you have has no bearing on how much you, as a person, are worth. Even so, sometimes its fun to calculate how much all of your assets are really worth.  And of course, sometimes it’s just painful […]

How To Become A Money Manager

March 29, 2012

If You Do Not Manage Your Money, It Will Manage You If it didn’t, you would likely not be reading this. Out of all the managerial positions available in the world, being a manager of your own money is thought to be the most difficult. By the end of this article you will find that […]

Six Misperceptions That Waste Your Money

February 20, 2012

While everyone likes to save money, there are some things that many of us do that actually cost us more money in the long run than they save.  Moreover, many of these money mistakes and misperceptions are commited thousands of times per day across the globe.  Here are some of these common money misperceptions and […]

Your Savings Account is Costing You Money

February 16, 2012

If you’re one of the millions of people that uses a bank account to save money, then you’re actually losing money each month.  That’s because the rate of inflation is actually higher than the yields on savings accounts, CDs and even Treasury bonds.  Here’s what we mean. If you have money invested in a savings […]

Need Help With Taxes? Read These Tips First

January 20, 2012

About ten years ago I had to get help with my taxes.  At the time, I had to account for all of the following: employee stock options, employee stock purchase plans, stock gains and losses, itemized deductions, real estate gains and losses, business gains and losses, and my regular salary and bonuses.  I was overwhelmed so […]