Saving Money

Most broadband deals on the market are only temporary, and the price tends to shoot up after the first year. Many customers end up paying a lot more than when they started. Switching to better broadband deals might seem like the only viable option to save money on your broadband, but there are other tricks […]


Saving Money When Renovating

by on October 15, 2020

Renovating your commercial or domestic property is an exciting time. You have the opportunity to reimagine your space and update it with modern technology and inspiring decoration. If you’re not careful, however, the costs of your renovation project can quickly spiral out of control. Before you know it, your project is costing twice as much […]


We all know that a savings account is a good idea. The more savings you have put aside for a rainy day, the more comfortable you’ll feel about your future. After all, it’s impossible to predict what happens in your life from one year to the next. A good savings account will ensure that you’re […]


Did you know that very few people actually make it a priority to save? Some may believe that it’s pointless to save money when there are so many things you can spend it on, others feel they don’t have the means to dedicate even a cent towards their future. Sure, you should be allowed to […]


It doesn’t matter whether you are billionaire or not, you will always feel the need to save money on your household. For those who do not know how to, these 6 steps can help you. Shop Wisely Shopping involves budgeting so it would be better for you to budget or plan to avoid overspending. With […]


Tips On How To Save Money

by on March 23, 2017

It is very essential that every adult person stores away money to use when they are no longer able to work. Whether we like to admit it or not that day is going to arrive. Well, unless you end up being a victim of “premature death”. But a very popular lifestyle guru says that living […]


Every month millions of U.S. households pay their electric and gas bill without fully understanding where their money goes. What is it you are paying for? The answer, of course, is energy, which comes in the form of electricity, generated by coal and gas-burning power plants, hydro plants, nuclear power plants or, increasingly, by solar […]


When you’re not out soaking up the sun or taking in the sights of sunny Florida, you’re likely at home enjoying a little television or quality time with the family. Becoming increasingly popular for subscription services is satellite television. Many consumers have been able to find great subscription services at a fraction of what it […]


Our appliances started malfunctioning early this year.  Our microwave stopped working, the fridge water line was leaking, our clothes dryer wasn’t working properly, and the pump in our standalone icemaker stopped working.  Indeed, we had a lot of issues with our appliances and the affected products spanned 3 different brands of products (GE Café, Kenmore and […]


“If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” –  Ben Franklin Most 20-somethings are considering the future, but aren’t necessarily planning for retirement. Young people are preoccupied with the now, because there’s a lot of pressing matters. Figuring out where to live and what can be afforded takes precedence over retirement […]


Save Water to Cut on your Water Bills

August 16, 2013

Yes, water is cheap, people mostly take the importance for granted thus resulting for the majority to end up wasting in close proximity to $1000/year on something that is basically free. Saving on water not only reduces energy costs, but importantly lessens your monthly water bill and helps our environment and the future. Here are […]

Financial Advice You Can Get For Free

July 26, 2013

Because there are so many people trying to give you advice. And because every situation is different.  And because rules of thumb do not apply to everyone equally. The best way to get financial advice is to do it yourself.  Make your own decisions.  You don’t have to rely on a financial advisor to improve […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Be Rich?

July 23, 2013

Yesterday I read an article on CNBC’s website that spelled out exactly how much money it takes to be rich. Before I share how much money they think it takes to be rich, take a minute and think about what it would take to make you feel rich. For my kids, it would probably be […]

Are Frequent Flier Miles and Credit Card Rewards Valuable?

June 27, 2013

You have likely seen TV and online ads from credit card companies touting their rewards programs. These ads highlight frequent flier miles, cash back on specific purchases and rewards for consumers who spend considerable amounts of money. A rewards card seems attractive on first blush as many people use their credit cards for big-ticket purchases […]

How Men Can Save Money Dressing for Work

March 12, 2013

I have a friend who goes to the most expensive department store and spends a fortune buying clothes.  Specifically, he goes to the front of the men’s department and picks the clothes that are on display.  He is an engineer and works for a rather cheap company that is full of cheap dressers.  He is […]

Customer Loyalty Cards: Are you really getting what you think you’re getting?

March 4, 2013

How many loyalty cards do you carry? What motivates you to sign up for these programs? According to a 2004 poll conducted by Boston University’s College of Communication, 86 percent of American shoppers use some form of store card or discount card. Grocers and retailers offer cash back, rewards points, special offers and other bonuses. […]

How to Save Big Bucks on Your Home and Auto Insurance

January 9, 2013

Some of the major living expenses for Americans these days are home and auto insurance. Policies are pricey, but you can keep costs down by qualifying for discounts. Give a licensed agent a call and ask whether you are eligible for savings opportunities. Home insurance discounts Home-auto. Bundling your home and auto insurance by purchasing […]

Get the Most Out of Your Energy Dollars

December 19, 2012

Whether you’re looking to do a better job of budgeting or simply interested in reducing your overall cash expenditures, one of the first places to look at are your energy costs. Whoever you are, your energy bills make up a large part of your monthly budget whether you’re splitting that between several types of fuel […]

How Stores Use Your Senses to Make You Spend More Than You Intended

November 27, 2012

Can you stick strictly to a list when you shop? Why do you always end up buying more at the grocery store because you had to walk to the back for the gallon of milk you needed? What about those tiny bottles of hand sanitizer and lip balm at the checkout counter? If you never […]

Easy Ways To Save $1,000 For A Rainy Day

August 6, 2012

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “If only I had $1,000 dollars saved away, my life would be so much better. I could buy 500 lattes and 300 muffins and be so happy.” Well, maybe the details of what you would do with the money are a little bit different, but the basic idea of […]

Ways To Prevent Yourself From Spending Money

July 30, 2012

It is really hard to not spend money, especially when we are constantly tempted by pretty much everything the second we step outside the comfort of our own home. Then again, even in our homes, the temptations of buying things on the internet lurk every time we sit down at our computers. Living in a […]

Why Solar Power is a Great Way to Save Money

June 22, 2012

If you’re big on the green movement, which everyone should be in my opinion, then you’ve probably at least thought about installing solar panels.  Solar panels can save you both money and energy, and are a great investment in some cases.  I say some cases, because after doing my research and looking around, I decided […]

How To Fill Your Dorm Without Emptying Your Wallet

June 14, 2012

The expenses of college seem to add up quickly. Your bank account is already being drained by rising tuition, books and food. Now you have to pay for housing and in addition, all the dorm stuff to go in it. Surprisingly, it’s the dorm items that can make you break bank and dip further into […]

How To Save Big On Taxes

June 13, 2012

What time of year causes headaches, stress and frustration for millions of Americans every year? Tax time. Tax time causes more stress than demanding in-laws and drunken cousins at holiday parties. Fortunately, the tax code works for you in many ways, some complicated and some obscure. Here’s a start to demystifying deductions and getting the […]

12 Ways To Save Money On College Textbooks

May 14, 2012

If you think tuition is tough and has enough zeros at the end of it, you have obviously not purchased the textbooks required for class the first semester, or you have and you need a way around paying the outrageous amount. Although the Higher Education Opportunity Act which became effective July 1, 2010 has eliminated […]

The Secret To Getting Into Local Or International Family Attractions For Free Or Dirt Cheap

May 2, 2012

Think about the last time you went to a theme park. You pay one fee for entry and generally all the rides are free after that. Many local attractions use the same method, but rather than getting everything for free in that attraction, you get other attractions for free. For example, when you sign up […]

Why Saving Money is More Important than Making Money

April 21, 2012

Saving money is quite a simple process but at the same time, it is difficult to follow through. The most common trap that prevents most people from saving is that they think they can just make more money. Of course this is true, but there are no careers that provide the exact income you need at […]

Nine Things to Do For Free

April 12, 2012

There are lots of ways to save money, but in my opinion, finding free things to do is perhaps the most rewarding.  There are lots of free sources of entertainment available if you look for them.  Check out the free local newspapers in your area for a list of upcoming events.  Or, you can probably find […]

Saving and Making Money During A Recession Is As Easy As 1-2-3

March 19, 2012

Weeping back to year 2008, everyone is still implying that we are in a recession. Four years later and the animosity, paranoia and flat out fear is still consumed by the majority. This “majority” does not only focus on business owners but includes everyone from those who think they have job security and those without […]

Monopolize These Ways to Save Money and Energy

March 11, 2012

There is no point in telling you how to save energy unless it saves you money. That is perfectly fine because you fall in the same category as everyone else in the world. Lucky for you (and the world), there really aren’t any ways to save energy without saving money in one way or another. […]