Saving and Making Money During A Recession Is As Easy As 1-2-3

by on March 19, 2012

Weeping back to year 2008, everyone is still implying that we are in a recession. Four years later and the animosity, paranoia and flat out fear is still consumed by the majority. This “majority” does not only focus on business owners but includes everyone from those who think they have job security and those without a job and are insecure.

Hopefully you are reading this because you are fed up with trying to get by with “cheap and easy” ways to make money. Maybe you have even fallen for a couple scams and are ready to take money making during a recession into your own hands. Or possibly, you are exhausted from clipping so many coupons out of the newspaper. Among countless other reasons – all are great motivation to follow the three easy steps to making money during a recession.

Before you get there, it’s positive to know that making money during a recession is as important as saving money during a recession. There are two reasons you need to start and stay Saving and Making Money During a Recessionsaving money. The first is that you will need to have extra cash to fund the three steps you will learn. After all, since you have not earned more yet, you have to start by saving more. Don’t worry though, the following 10 steps to saving money during a recession will only be temporary but the money saved and made by the end of this article will be endless.

The second reason you need to begin saving more is that the steps to saving you are about to read are deeply connected with the traits, habits, perspectives and energy that is necessary to have in order to make money during a recession. Essentially, what you will be doing is taking a course on making money while saving money. And that is priceless.

10 Steps To Saving Money During A Recession

1. Re-purpose Circus: Do you remember when you used to snicker when you saw someone reusing cut milk cartons to grow plants in, or those purse’s made out of crushed pop cans, or the countless other weird and laughable creations people would make out of odd household objects? These circus folk actually save a lot of money by finding creative ways to re-purpose items that would normally be thrown away. Next time you have an object you are going to toss, hop on Google and see if someone has found a new use for it already or think of one yourself. Save money and join the circus. Lesson: Creativity

2. Eat Organic: “What? How can you save money by purchasing organic food? It’s expensive.” Sure it is, but so is all the junk food the average person buys while grocery shopping. By changing eating habits, both in what you eat and how much you eat, you will actually notice that you are saving money by buying some organic fruit and vegetables rather than bags of chips, ice cream, and cookies. Lesson: Health + Breaking Bad Habits

3. Go Eco: It’s common sense that at least 1/3 of the U.S population would choose to buy from a company that promotes the health and prosperity of the earth we live on. Don’t think you can save money and energy at the same time? Think again. Lesson: Gaining environmental interest and investments

4. Dress for Success: Quite plainly, you can save money by shopping at a thrift store or Plato’s Closet. The trick is to quit purchasing the cute and fashionable items and start buying what you see yourself wearing if you had a $100,000 in your bank account. Lesson: Affirmation of success

5. Vacation: Don’t listen to the people who tell you to save money by not going on vacation. You need a vacation. I need a vacation. The people telling you not to take a vacation probably need one the most. Want to save money while still taking a vacation? Take your trip to visit family. Your uncle in Colorado, cousin in New Hampshire, or Grandma and Grandpa in Florida would be more than happy to share their living quarters with you for a few days. Lesson: Using resources and getting out of comfort zone

6. The Budget: If you don’t manage your money, it manages you. The quickest and smartest way to start making money is to begin properly distributing the income you make now. Creating a budget will not only make you aware of what you are spending, but can be made fun by finding ways to “do without” and save money. Lesson: Money Management

7. Exercise: By combining number 2 with exercise, you are making yourself healthy. Nothing worse can happen while trying to save money than paying medical bills. Save money by not paying money. Also, Richard Branson is the 4th richest citizen of the United Kingdom and 254th richest person in the world, according to the Forbes 2011 list of billionaires, so his words cannot be taken lightly. Especially when he was asked what the quickest way to success was, answering with one word “Workout”. Lesson: The best secret to success

8. Staying De-cluttered: A quick way to save money is to quit paying for the upkeep of unnecessary appliances, tools, and other miscellaneous objects you have collected. This is also a swift way to earn a few bucks by selling things. Lesson: Organization and letting things go

9. Meet Craig: In addition to selling the items you have from step 8, shopping on Craigslist and eBay are great ways to spend less and save more. Lesson: Spreading the wealth

10. Self for Hire: On top of working whatever job you may currently have, the moment you clock out, you are focused again on being self-employed. This entails that you relinquish your time with the TV, better yet, cut the cable and save more money. Number 10 is more a lesson than it is a money saving method. But, by incorporating this lesson, you will find that you suddenly are saving money. By implementing the mindset of self employment, you will choose to invest your time on productivity rather than spending money on laziness. Lesson: Self-motivation, productivity, focus and so much more.

Making Money In A Recession

Taking the process of making money into your own hands and being powered by passion and motivation – there is just no better way to do it. While there are hundreds of different ways to drain all of your energy and excitement to make a few extra dollars by acquiring a multiple stream of income during a recession, there is one three-step process that will not only make you the most amount of money, but also make you the happiest while doing so.

They say that now is the best time to start your own business. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. But the business you are going to start is not one commonly suggested by other websites that teach you quick ways to make money. This will be a business you will want to start.

Is As Easy As 1-2-3

1. Research

It all begins with knowing what you are passionate about. While you may need to do some research to find what you are truly passionate about, the important research is to find ways to turn your passion into a form of monetary means. What have previous gardening fanatics done to make money? What have banjo lovers done? Or avid cyclists done? In America, you have the ability to do what you love and make money doing it. I am sure you can agree that those who make the most money are those who followed their dreams.

2. Create

Think of the root word of recession. Recess. Recess is when you get to leave the world of forced learning, suppressed behavior and simply, “adulthood”. It’s when you get to become truly innovative, creative and inspired by the most outrageous ideas. When you become creative about your passion, you will find new ways to manifest what you love into a money making adventure. There is not a product or service that was produced with all of someone’s heart that did not make money. So long as they also followed the third step.

3.  Deliver

Too many people stop at step two. They know what they love to do, they know how they can make money with it, but they don’t follow through. You can create value for people to buy, but you can’t make money from it if you do not distribute it to prospects. With technology as advanced as it is now, there is absolutely no doubt that you are fully capable of marketing and supplying your product or service on the web.

Once you follow through with step three, re-start the process and find ways to improve your current product or service, or create a new revenue stream for yourself. With a recession feeling as if it is still at full force, there is nothing prospects want more then to have quality and value. By following the 10 steps to saving money during a recession, you will learn advanced lessons which are necessary to start your own business, you will save enough money to invest in your product or service of choice and you will catch the interested eye of possible prospects more quickly. After that, you will be fully prepared to research, create and deliver the product and service that best suits you and will, of course, be sharing this post with everyone you know as the money rolls in.

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Bob Webster March 22, 2012 at 8:34 am

Everybody can do something. Check out fiverr or one of the fiverr equivalent sites. You can net $4 for doing various tasks. While it might not sound like much, if you are good and fast, you can make some real cash.
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Kathleen April 12, 2012 at 11:09 am

Chris, is it good to see your perspective toward making money during a recession. Some people get so discouraged by the state of the economy that they do not attempt to go out and prosper when resources are readily available. Creating a budget is an extremely effective way to save money and track your spending. By tracking your spending, you will realize that the Gatorade and candy bar at the gas station isn’t a necessity.


Carolyn April 18, 2012 at 8:27 am

If people are willing to try something new / drop their job standards / go out and connect with people then there are still plenty of opportunities available. Too many think they are entitled to something from society and the Government. If you want wait for them then you might be waiting a long time.


Jillz April 29, 2012 at 8:43 pm

The recession hit so many people so hard it’s really hard for them to break out and go out on a limb for anything financial. They are just too scared and have good reason to be.


Adam July 31, 2012 at 12:21 am

I not only shop and eat organic, I grow my own small backyard garden and I have seen how much money I have saved this way.


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