financial advisor

A certain quote from the hilarious Tina Fey movie ‘Baby Mama’ is perhaps the best way to describe to you the biggest reason you should consider putting your trust in a financial advisor. But first, some back-story; The basic plot of ‘Baby Mama’ focuses around a woman who is unable to become pregnant, and after […]


It is important to manage your money wisely; you want to be putting away for retirement, saving for your kids to go to college, while simultaneously making sure that you pay your taxes and insurance and all the other bills you accumulate. This is often too much for the average person to keep track of, […]


People often ask me whether or not they should hire a financial advisor to help plan for retirement and invest their assets.  I almost always say no.  It’s not that there aren’t a lot of well qualified and worthy investment advisors, it’s really that it’s not that hard to do yourself. Unless you have millions to invest […]