Each year, you may file your tax return with confidence. As an honest person, you may do everything possible to ensure the accuracy of your return. This reduces the likelihood of an issue with the federal or state government. But even if you believe that you’ve done everything correctly, issues can arise. If you work […]

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I saw another quote today about how Warrent Buffet is complaining that his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does.  Enough with all the bullcrap Warren!  I am seriously sick about hearing you compain that you don’t pay enough taxes, and that everyone should pay more taxes and entrust their money to the […]


About ten years ago I had to get help with my taxes.  At the time, I had to account for all of the following: employee stock options, employee stock purchase plans, stock gains and losses, itemized deductions, real estate gains and losses, business gains and losses, and my regular salary and bonuses.  I was overwhelmed so […]


The Truth on Who Pays Taxes

by on November 22, 2011

Have you wondered why there is always a heated debate on who pays the most taxes and if they are paying their fair share? Most people have their mind made up as to the answer they believe.  For some reason, almost everyone believes that they are overpaying for their taxes while everyone who makes more than […]