The Virtualization Of Money

by on May 9, 2017

Contrary to popular belief this is not something that started with the coming of the space age. Money has always had an abstract value. The value for which you get when you use paper money or coins is an implied value. This means that the object that you are using as currency is in itself valueless or of minimal value. A sort of virtualization of money. In recent years money has really gone virtual. With people being content in having value that in not readily tangible.

Plastic Money

Ever since the banking sector became electronic, plastic money has been around. We now enjoy the practicality of carrying a plastic card which can pay for things almost anywhere you go. These include credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and prepaid cards.

Mobile money

Everyone got a cell phone and suddenly you no longer needed to go to the bank to transact. From the convenience of your mobile device you can pay for tickets to your favorite show. Mobile money includes PayPal, google pay, Apple pay as well as money transfers from mobile banking.

Crypto- money

This stuff is really like electricity. You know what is, you can use it, you know where it is but you cannot touch it. This includes currency like Bitcoin.

The amazing thing about all these forms of money is that they seem to be now preferred to having real cash. You can basically buy anything with plastic money. Well except the illegal things. For all the legal things including online casino gambling electronic-money is preferred to hard cash. Can you even believe that it is now harder to play blackjack, poker, roulette and video slot with real cash than with Bitcoins? Even though the very best online casinos have provisions for cash depositors they prefer online payments and wire transfers.

The system has become so sophisticated that there are money guards, fortified cash storerooms and cash-in-transit equivalents online. Visit for safe payment methods. It would not be amazing that 100 years from now those services may be less in demand. Instead there is already an increased demand for transaction data encryption services. Firewall experts and ethical hackers are already providing security for trillions of dollars without ever learning a self-defense move.

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